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Databases: Databases for EU law

An introduction to IALS Library's electronic resources.

Journals and books


If you are looking for any articles on a particular EU law topic......
Articles on EU law are published in UK, European, international and even US journals. Try the following databases (all are in the Electronic Law Library, except Find-eR):

Westlaw UK: full text articles or abstracts from over 1,000 UK and European/international law journals.

Lexis®Library: full text articles or abstracts from over 500 UK, European/international and US law journals.

Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals: covers journals from non-common law jurisdictions, plus international and comparative law journals.

Find-eR, the European Commission's library catalogue, freely available online; indexes journal articles from a range of European jurisdictions; filter search results by Resource Type 'article'.

HeinOnline's Law Journals Library: mainly US-published journals, but includes a large number of articles on EU law (almost all full-text).

If you are looking for a specific article...
First find the journal on the Library Catalogue; if it is available online, there will be a link on the Catalogue record. N.B. Individual e-journals are not listed in the Electronic Law Library.

If you need more help...
See our research guide, Finding Journal Articles. 

Oxford Scholarship Online (OSO) includes numerous EU law books in its Law collection (select sub-heading 'EU Law'). The Library Catalogue has links to each OSO Law e-book; alternatively, select Oxford Scholarship Online from the Electronic Law Library.

Westlaw UK, Cambridge Core and Elgaronline all include a few books on EU law: see Library Catalogue for individual titles. 

Need more help with EU research?

See IALS Library's EU research guide.

Legislation, cases, other EU official publications

EU primary legislation ("the treaties"): available on Westlaw UK, Justis, Lexis®Library and the free EUR-Lex website; all these sources have consolidated amended versions. TIP: EUR-Lex is the easiest database to use for researching the treaties.

EU secondary legislation (regulations, directives, decisions etc.): available on Westlaw UK, Justis, Lexis®Library and EUR-LexN.B. Consolidated amended versions are only found on Lexis and EUR-Lex; Westlaw and Justis have the original texts with separate lists of amendments.

The decisions of the Court of Justice, the General Court (previously the Court of First Instance) and the (now-defunct) Civil Service Tribunal are available on Westlaw UK, Justis, Lexis®Library, EUR-Lex and the EU court website, Curia.

For national court decisions on matters of EU law, see Dec.nat, a free database provided by the Association of the Councils of State and Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions of the European Union.

COM documents (Commission proposals, reports, etc.)
COM docs are on Westlaw UK, Lexis®Library, Justis and EUR-Lex, from around the mid-1990s onwards. Some earlier COM docs are available from the Archive of European Integration 

The Official Journal 
The C series of the Official Journal (OJ C) is on EUR-Lex from 1998 onwards (earlier issues are currently being added), and on Justis and Westlaw UK from 1990 onwards.

The L series (OJ L) is on EUR-Lex from 1968 onwards (the whole series). 

The pre-1968 Official Journal (before the split into the L and C series) is also on EUR-Lex.

Other EU publications
For other EU official publications, try the Europa website or the Archive of European Integration.