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How to Print, Copy, Scan Using Pharos Print System: Scanning

Printing, scanning, copying from the pharos print system

2. How to Scan

To scan,

You will need ...

  • A full or temporary IALS or SAS card
  • A copy account linked to your card

 Let's begin ...

    • Press Username button located on the photocopy touch screen

    • Swipe card barcode-side down via the barcode reader located on the right-hand side of the photocopier

    • Press Password button located on the photocopy touch screen"

    • Enter 4-digit password

  • Press Login button

To scan ...

    • Insert your USB key. Slot can be found on the right-hand side of the photocopier

    • Select external memory from the choice displayed on screen

    • Select scan settings. If you need to scan more than one page, press separate scan on the screen

    • Place book or document on the photocopy glass plate (or use the sheet feeder)

    • Press Start to scan

Once you have finished scanning your document ..

    • Press Finish to end

    • Press Start button to complete document scan

    • Wait for document to save and process

    • Remove USB key

Repeat above steps for successive documents.

Remember, do not remove your USB key until the document has been processed otherwise it will not be saved.

Video: Step-by-Step Guide to Scanning

Uses Flash Player


Our Konica photocopiers do not accept all makes of USB flash drives.   If you encounter any problems, please inform staff at the Library Enquiry desk who will issue you with a Konica approved flash drive.
It is also not possible to email documents from the scanner/copiers .  This facility has been disabled for reasons of security.