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How to Print, Copy, Scan Using Pharos Print System: Questions, Troubleshooting and Tips

Printing, scanning, copying from the pharos print system

What if...?

No printing account?
Either create and link a print account via the kiosk or ask staff at the Library Enquiry desk to create one for you.


Forgotten your PIN number?
Ask staff at the Library Enquiry desk to reset your PIN number. 


An error occurs during credit top-up?
Inform IS staff of the error.  Any credits lost during the failed transaction will be added to your account.


Kiosk barcode reader is not working?
Use the virtual keyboard on the kiosk to top up or create an account. Inform IS staff of the error.

Tips ....

Tip 1

Remember to change your PIN number.  This will secure any credit if the card is lost.

Tip 2

Keep copying credit to a minimum on temporary cards.  Remember, they are only meant for short term use and can easily get damaged.

Tip 3

Bring along a USB key if you need to scan.   You can only scan to a USB key, no other source is configured to accept output.

Tip 4

Report any problems.  The quicker we hear about them, the quicker we can solve them.

Questions and Answers

I’ve got an old IALS printing card prior to September 2013 that still has credit on it. Is it possible the transfer credit to my new account?

No. From September 2014 we will not be transferring any credit from old IALS printing cards.    

Does the system take credit cards?

Yes and no.  You can top up using credit card or cash at the Library Issue & Enquiry Desk on the 4th floor. At the moment is it only possible to top-up using cash at the kiosk. 

Will my copy account expire when my temporary card expires?

No. If you have linked a copy account to your temporary card, you can still use up any credit still outstanding on the card. You are advised only to add small amounts to these types of card due firstly to their fragile nature - they are made of paper- and secondly because you will receive a new copy account with your permanent library card.

How can I change my account PIN?

You can change your PIN from the kiosk on the 4th floor. Just swipe your card or enter the barcode number from your card using the virtual keyboard, then press the change PIN button on screen. All new printing accounts have been given a default PIN. You are strongly advised to change your PIN on receiving your library card.

I’ve lost my library card and have been given a new one. Will any copying credit be transferred to my new library card?

Yes. We will transfer your copy account and all credit to your new library card.

I’ve forgotten my PIN, how can I reset it?

Easily done, so don’t worry, just ask staff at the Library Enquiry desk who will reset your PIN a default 4 digit number. You can then reset the PIN from the kiosk.

Do I need to logout every time I print or copy?

No. Both the print system and copiers are set to time out. If you forget to log out, the system will do this for you after 1 minute.

Can I top up my card in increments of fifty pence?

No. At the moment it is only possible to top up in increments of £1.

Can I copy or print to both sides of the paper?

Yes. You can copy to both sides of the paper from the copiers and library print stations.

I’m a day member; will I have to create an account on my card?

Yes. If you need to copy or print, you will need to create an account using the kiosk. Or alternatively ask staff at the Library Enquiry desk to create one for you.

My USB key has two partitions. Can I still use it for scanning?

No. You will either have to use another key or reformat your existing key in order to remove the extra partition.


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