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How to Print, Copy, Scan Using Pharos Print System: Photocopying

Printing, scanning, copying from the pharos print system

2. How to Photocopy

To copy,

You will need ...

  • A full or temporary IALS or SAS card
  • A copy account linked to your card

 Let's begin ...

    • Press Username button located on the photocopy touch screen

    • Swipe card barcode-side down via the barcode reader located on the right-hand side of the photocopier

    • Press Password button located on the photocopy touch screen"

    • Enter 4-digit password

  • Press Login button

To photocopy ...

    • Place book or document on the photocopy glass plate (or use the sheet feeder)

    • Select copying options from the screen – you can copy using default options or use any selection from the menu

    • Once complete, press Access Key located on the photocopy keypad to log out of your account

Duplex/Double Sided Copying

For duplex copying:

    • Press Duplex button on touch screen

    • Select 1-sided > 2-sided

    • From Binding menu, select Left Bind

Remember, the account will time out on the system after 1 minute. You will need to log in again if you wish to continue.

Video: Step-by-Step Guide to Photocopying

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