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How to Print, Copy, Scan Using Pharos Print System: Printing

Printing, scanning, copying from the pharos print system

1. How to Print

To print,

You will need ....
  • A full or temporary IALS or SAScard
  • A copy account linked to your card
Let's begin ....
    • Find an IALS public PC 

    • Open the document that you wish to print (e.g. A Word document, PDF file or webpage)

    • From your application, select Print. This should open the Pharos Print Job Details box on screen

  • Type your barcode into the box and click Print button. Your print job will be added to personal print queue
Next ....
    • From the print station, swipe or type in your barcode number

    • Type in PIN. You should now be logged into your personal printing account

    • Highlight print job with mouse and press Print

  • Click Logoff to finish

Video: Step-by-Step Guide to Printing

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