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How to Print, Copy, Scan Using Pharos Print System: About IALS Pharos Print System

Printing, scanning, copying from the pharos print system

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About IALS Printing, Copying, Scanning

Library Printing, Copying, Scanning
IALS library now has an account-based system which allows you to print, copy or scan from your library card. Library users can track their copy accounts via our in-house kiosk or remotely via a dedicated web centre. The system is easy to use and ideal for all library users including our one-day pass holders.
Our account-based system will give library users a wider choice of copying options with convenient payment options linked to one card.  This type of account enables the library to offer scanning facilities to library users with further options to print from laptops or top up cards from home.
What Will I Need?
You will need a library card, enabled with a copy account. Each full library card issued will have a linked copy account ready for you to top up with credit. Temporary cards are not enabled for printing although users can create accounts from our kiosk.
Is It Easy to Create an Account?
If you hold a permanent library card, don’t worry, your account has already been created. If you have a temporary or provisional card, you can create an account using our kiosk located in the photocopy room on the 4th floor or ask staff at the Library Enquiry desk.
How Can I Add Credit to My Account?
Credit can be added in via our self-service kiosk located in the photocopy room on the 4th floor.  You can also pay for extra copy credit at the Library Enquiry desk. 
Can I Print From My Laptop?
Yes, our FollowMe print service is now operational. You will need to install some software. Click and follow instructions.
How to Use This Guide?
Our online guide contains tutorials and videos in order to guide you through the processes of creating accounts, adding credit, printing, scanning or copying. Select a relevant tutorial and follow the steps.

Library Hours

Printing, copying and Scanning is freely available during the library opening hours.

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