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Using the Self Issue System: Questions, Troubleshooting and Tips

Summary of Self-Issue service provided by IALS Global Law Library

What if...?

The screen is blank?
Screen might be switched off. Press the POWER button.  If this doesn't work, contact library staff.


No receipt has appeared?  
Printer is out of paper or has jammed. 


Self-issue isn't working?  
The system is down.  Contact library staff.  If this happens after the desk is closed, contact library security staff.

Tips ....

Tip 1

Have your library card to hand.  This saves time when checking out items.

Tip 2

Keep all receipts.  These contain dates and times, especially important as items are not date stamped by Self-service.

Tip 3

Listen for the "clunk" when issuing a book.  If no "clunk", you won't be able to remove the book from the library without setting off alarms. 

Tip 4

Report any problems.  The quicker we hear about them, the quicker we can solve them.

Questions and Answers

I've mislaid my library membership card but have a provisional for the day, can I still use Self-issue? 

No.  You will still need your permanent library card to use this service or to check out books from the Issue & Enquiry Desk. 

Can I still renew short loan books in my possession after 20:00 pm?

Yes, although try and come to the desk before the desk closes, as you could incur a fine if leaving renewal until after 20:00 pm.  However, you can still renew until 10:00 am the next morning via Self-issue. Remember, you cannot renew any short loan reference items, such as law reports, journals or looseleaf items.  These must be returned before 19:45 pm during the week.

The self-issue system denied access to my account.  What can I do?

Check your card.  If you have one of the following:  a card with a red stripe, a temporary card or a provisional card, you are not allowed to check books out.  If your card is valid, try again.  There may have been a small delay checking your record on the system. A second attempt usually solves this.  If the problem persists, please take your card to Issue & Enquiry desk staff before the desk closes. 

I cannot seem to renew my book?

It is likely the book is wanted by another library patron.  In this case, you will not be able to check out the book again.  It  must be returned it on the system and the book placed through the yellow post box slot.  If you urgently need the book, please contact us either  in person, by telephone or email for us place a hold on the book for you. 

I've an IALS laptop.  Can I still return it after 20:00 pm?

You can, but once it is checked in, it must be given to security staff in the library, not placed through the yellow post box slot. 

I've accidentally dropped my book in the post box  without checking it in on the system.  What should I do?

Not to worry, these things happen. Contact library staff and let them know.  The book will be checked in either first thing in the morning, or at next collection during the day. 

I've checked in a book and incurred a late returns fine.  Now it won't let me issue another book.  What can I do?

Check your account information via self-issue.  If your fine has exceeded £3.00, then you will not be able to check out any books until the fine has been paid.


Book Renewals

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