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IALS Computing & IT Services: Computers & Software

Computing services

The Specification

All library computers are distributed on all reading room floors including our basement reading room, L2.  

Each PC has DeepFreeze system restore software installed to restore machines back to their original build specification.  

Our recent models now incorporate all-in-one technology with hard drive, memory, operating system, and monitor incorporated into one unit.


The computers are Dell Optiplex units with the following specifications,

  • 4-8GB RAM

  • File save location of 2 GB (Deep Freeze Thawspace)

  • 4 USB ports 

  • Internal speakers

  • Windows 7 

The Software

Each PC has the latest versions of the  following software installed on each PC:

  • Microsoft Office 2013 (excl. Outlook and Access)

  • Sophos Antivirus

  • Mozilla Firefox (selected PCs)

  • Google Chrome

  • VNC Player (selected PCs)

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader XI or DC

  • DeepFreeze system restore software

All save locations (including downloads from web browsers) are redirected to our Saved Files folder, located on the desk top of each PC.

Specialist Software

All PCs in our Electronic Legal Research Unit have Endnote X7 for those who need bibiliographic software for research purposes.

IALS Public Access Computers

Computers in the Library

Information technology resources and other electronic facilities to assist with legal research have been installed in the Library. There are currently 45 networked computers freely available for use by Library readers, plus access to webopac PCs on all reading room floors with the exception of L2.

All PCs use Windows 7 operating system. All PCs have access to the IALS Library catalogue, IALS website and Electronic Law Library.  PC access is on a first-come-first-served basis.


Library Concourse

There are 13 PC located on the 2nd floor.  Each PC has access to key legal databases including Westlaw and Lexis@Library.  Also on the same floor we have 4 multi-functional devices (for more information on how to print, please see our guide on printing, scanning and copying 

Electronic Legal Research Unit

This room on the 5th floor houses our training suite of 18 PC.  All PCs are available to library users although for periods during our autumn term the room may be used for IALS electronic resources training.  In addition to our current range of software, this suite also has Endnote X7 installed on each PC for research purposes.  

Library Reading Rooms

The library also has PC located on each of our reading room floors, including L2 our basement reading room.  PCs in the main reading rooms are located by the windows facing Bedford Row.  PCs on Floor 2 are located nearer to the first staircase, leading to 3rd and 4th floors.

All PCs have full access to electronic resources and software.  Printing from reading room PCs can be collected from printers on the 2nd floor.