FLAG Foreign Law Guide
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FLAG Foreign Law Guide
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FLAG is a tool for locating foreign legislation and cases, treaties, international cases and other material, without having to know publication titles. It covers print and microform holdings in more than sixty libraries around the UK. 

More Information

FLAG is an open access resource.

FLAG lists print and microform collections of foreign and international primary legal material held in UK libraries. It is arranged by category, not by title. 

Each FLAG record describes a collection: for example, ‘2 titles containing Nigerian court reports’, ‘4 titles containing Italian legislation’. Languages, date ranges and library classmarks / shelfmarks are given.

Select a country or international organisation and a material type, for example:

  • Japan - Legislation: session laws (in date order)
  • Sweden - Court reports: reports
  • Arab League - Treaties: texts

Add collection status (active / closed) and other criteria, as required.

For more information about using FLAG, see our detailed FLAG guide.