Foreign Law Guide
Foreign Law Guide

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IALS staff, fellows & students
SAS staff, fellows & students (other than IALS)
Uni of London law staff & postgraduate students

Foreign Law Guide (FLG), part of Brill Online, covers around 190 jurisdictions. For each one, it provides citations to legislation, including translations, gives an overview of the legal system and main legal publications, and lists selected secondary sources.

More Information

FLG is available on site to all academic members of IALS Library. 

Off-site access is available to IALS and SAS staff, fellows and students, and University of London law staff and postgraduate students.

For each jurisdiction, there is information about the government and legal system; primary sources of law; other print and online sources; and citations to specific laws, arranged by subject.

FLG can be browsed by jurisdiction or subject, using tabs on the home page. There is also an index to the print and online sources mentioned in FLG, under ‘Materials Indexed’.

Basic and advanced search facilities are available at the top of the screen. 

Basic search defaults to finding all of the words entered. To find alternative words, use an ‘OR’ connector (in capital letters): for example, oil OR gas.

To restrict your search to a single jurisdiction, use Advanced Search and put the name of the jurisdiction in the field marked ‘With this title or heading’.  Enter key words in ‘Search for’; the default is ‘All of these words’, but you can use the drop-down menu on the right to change this to ‘Some of these words’, or ‘This exact phrase’.  

Printing, emailing and downloading
Print and email icons are available on the vertical blue bar, on the right.  

To download, click on the Print icon and select Save as PDF.

There is a Help menu at the top of each page, providing general information about the Brill Online platform.