Included in Encore
Included in Encore

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IALS Library academic members (all universities)
IALS staff, fellows & students
SAS staff, fellows & students (other than IALS)
Uni of London law staff & postgraduate students

LLMC Digital is a database of digitised legal and law-related publications. A large proportion of the content is from the US, but a substantial amount of material is also available for the UK, Canada, Germany and other jurisdictions. LLMC is a US-based non-profit library consortium.

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Included in the Encore Catalogue

Onsite access through the IALS account is available in IALS, SAS libraries, SHL and University of London law departments.

Remote access is available to IALS and SAS staff, fellows and students; University of London law staff and postgraduate students (including LLM students); academic members of IALS Library; and University of London members of Senate House Library.

LLMC Digital includes books, journals, law reports, legislation, treaties, government publications, treatises, periodicals and other material. Much of the content is from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, but earlier and more recent material are also represented.

The database is divided into the following collections:

  • U.S. Federal Government
  • U.S. States and Territories
  • Canada, federal, states, territories
  • Germany, Federal/National, states, kingdoms, free cities
  • United Kingdom
  • Other Countries: material from around 190 jurisdictions
  • Indigenous Law: material from North and Central America, India, Indonesia and Russia
  • International Law and Organizations
  • Special Focus Collections: material on comparative law, legal bibliography, Islamic law, ancient law, Jewish law and other subjects, together with a collection of official gazettes from 40 different jurisdictions around the world
  • Open access collection: selected titles from the US, UK, Indigenous law, Other Countries and Special Focus Collections are freely available

To search within the collections, choose ‘Search Collections’. Here you can search within the full text of all the content, search by citation, or search the abstracts (LLMC's description of each publication). Advanced Search allows you to limit your search to a particular collection. 

To search the LLMC catalogue by publication title, author or subject, or to search the LLMC's description of each publication (the abstract), choose ‘Search Catalog/Abstract’.

To browse the LLMC collections, choose ‘Search Collections’ and drill down through the categories and sub-categories: for example Indigenous Law > United States - Hawaii > Hawaiians, Codes.

The Help menu offers a set of tutorials.