World Constitutions Illustrated
World Constitutions Illustrated

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Uni of London law staff & postgraduate students

World Constitutions Illustrated is available as part of the IALS subscription to HeinOnline. It includes the constitution of every country in the world and collects together related commentary and bibliographies. 


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Available onsite to all IALS Library academic members. Offsite access is available to IALS staff, fellows and students, SAS staff, fellows and students (other than IALS), University of London law staff and postgraduate students, IALS Library academic members.

World Constitutions Illustrated includes the current constitution or constitutional legislation for every country in the world. Constitutions are provided in the vernacular and most include an English translation. It also includes scholarly commentary, historical constitutions, bibliographic references and links to external resources.

Browse countries either by selecting a country from the drop down list or selecting a country from the A-Z list on the homepage of the collection. 

It is also possible to browse by type of resource, for example books, periodicals, hearings or scholarly articles. 

Start typing search terms, then select the type of search when prompted:- key word search (‘Just search for’), author/ title/citation search, or Catalog search (the Catalog is the contents list of the whole HeinOnline service, not just the World Constitutions Illustrated).

Search connectors must be in capital letters, for example, Kenya AND Equality. Click on ‘Search help’ below the search box to see a full list of search syntax that can be used in HeinOnline. 

The Advanced Search page allows you to search using additional fields. There is an option to choose Document type (constitutional documents, constitutional books, constitutional periodicals, constitutional hearings). It is possible to search across all countries, or just one country. 

To download a PDF version of a document, click on the PDF icon at the top of the page. 

For other downloading and printing options, use the download icon (the arrow pointing down). 

To send a link to a document by email, select the envelope icon.

TIP: ‘Current Section’ in the Print/Download dialog box means the document that you have displayed, for example, a whole treaty.

There is a Help menu on HeinOnline, with a user guide and other information.