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Connecting to the IALS Wireless Network: Configuring Tablets, Phones & eReaders

A how-to guide for establishing a wireless connection to uol-open and IALS Lib networks

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Android Phones & Tablets
iPhones, iPads & iTouch
Google Chromebook

Can I Connect to Wireless?

IALS WiFi is fully compatible with a number of devices, including tablets, Smartphones and eReaders.   Most Smartphones are configured to automatically detect a network although it is recommended that you consult the instruction manual on wireless connection for your device before you begin.  Before you begin with any device, make sure your wireless settings are turned on.
Android Smartphones and Tablets
For Android devices: Login details ask for an identity and will automatically select the correct network security protocol.  For some Smartphones, including HTC, you will be asked to create a unique password before you log in. 
To log in,   enter your username in the identity box and password in password box.  You can ignore reference to anonymous log in boxes that may be visible.  Your Smartphone should automatically find your network security settings. The network will automatically be saved for next time but depending on your device, you may be asked to password-protect your network settings.
iPhone, iPad and iTouch
For iPhone, iPad and iTouch: Uol-open and IALS Lib are automatically detected.  From Settings, select either uol-open or IALS Lib and enter username and password.  Accept any certificates that are displayed and continue. Once connected, all log in details are automatically remembered.  Occasionally passwords may be returned as invalid.  If this is the case, go to your keyboard settings (found in Settings > General > Keyboard) and turn off the Enable Caps Lock setting.
Google Chrome
For Chromebook:  Uol-open and IALS Lib are automatically detected.  Enter username and password when requested to connect. 

eReaders Tablets and others
Most eReaders are WiFi enabled and therefore connection will depend on operating system.  In most cases, eReader tablets or equivalent devices have Android as their operating system, or in the case of Kindle Fire, a customised Google version of Android.   For all eReaders you are advised to check your device manual before attempting to connect to uol-open or IALS Lib.