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Welcome: FAQs

Frequently asked questions


> Am I eligible to use the IALS Library?


> How do I get to the Institute?


> What are the Library's opening hours?


> What are the Enquiry Desk opening hours?


> How can I keep up-to-date with what’s going on at IALS Library?


> How can I photocopy/scan?


> How can I print?


> What support do you offer users with special needs?


> Can I reserve a research carrel?


> Is eating and drinking allowed in the library?


> Can I borrow books?


> How can I renew my books?


> Why can't I renew my books?


> What should I do if someone else has borrowed a book I need?


> What happens if the book I need is missing?

Support and Training

> What training do you offer?


> Where can I ask for help?


> Can you help me find materials for my thesis?

Requesting photocopies and inter-library loans

> Can you get a book for me on inter-library loan?


> Can I request photocopies from the IALS Library?


> What's in the collection?


> Can I recommend a book for you to buy?


> Do you have LLM examination papers?


> Do you have electronic resources and can I access them offsite?


> Do you have digital collections?


> Do you have an electronic repository?

Finding what you need

> How can I check if the library has a particular book, journal or report?


> How can I locate a particular journal article?


> How can I find out if a journal is available online?


> How can I find recently published material on the catalogue?


> How can I find materials on a particular subject?


> I've found the classmark, but where can I find the item?


> How can I find a list of new books at IALS?


> Where can I find a list of legal abbreviations?