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IALS Laptops for Loan: Conditions of Use

Guide about how to loan IALS laptops

Contact Us

The Team
For advice and information on our laptops here at the IALS library, or for general I.T. related inquiries, please contact a member of our I.T. Team who will be happy to help.


Computing Services Librarian (Information Systems)
Narayana Harave

Email address:


SLA Computing Services (Information Systems)
Lindsey Caffin

Email address:


Conditions of Use

Please note that IALS equipment and applications are used entirely at your own risk. The Institute accepts no responsibility for the malfunctioning of any computer equipment or software, loss of data or other damage. Your attention is drawn to IALS Regulations, which form the basis on which Library membership is granted. Regulation 14 and 15 relate to computing equipment in the Library. 

IALS Regulations

14. Computing Facilities: Disclaimer

IALS computer equipment and applications are used entirely at the reader's own risk. The Institute accepts no responsibility for the malfunctioning of any computer equipment or application, loss of data, or other damage.

15. Misuse of Computing Facilities

Computer equipment is made available on the understanding that it will be used for legal research purposes. Misuse of the facilities (including the copying, removal, or modification of applications, introduction of unauthorised applications, or transmission of offensive material) is not permitted.

IALS equipment should not be moved or disconnected. Personal equipment should not be connected to IALS equipment without prior permission.

The Institute reserves the right to withdraw permission to use the facilities provided and to take any other relevant action in the event of any abuse of the facilities.


JANET Acceptable Use Policy 

Access to the Internet at IALS is provided through the University of London's links with the UK's education and research network known as JANET. All users of IALS computer systems and network services must abide by the conditions for Acceptable Use of the JANET Network. These have been defined by the Joint Information Systems Committee of the Funding Councils and apply to all JANET connected sites.

Please see the JANET Acceptable Use Policy at Open in new window for information on acceptable and unacceptable use.

JANET Policy documents are also available at Open in new window