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IALS Laptops for Loan: Guidance on Using IALS Laptops

Guide about how to loan IALS laptops

Laptop Software

Software Installed on IALS Laptops,

Each IALS laptop has the following software installed:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 (Excl. Access and Outlook)

  • Kaspersky Antivirus

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader

  • Mozilla Firefox

  • Google Chrome

  • DeepFreeze System Restore

In addition, each laptop has 2 GB of filespace for saving files (DeepFreeze Thawspace) for the duration of the loan.

Why DeepFreeze?

DeepFreeze is a system restore software which allows us to reset the laptop back to its original configuration each time the laptop is rebooted.  Users are advised to temporarily save any files to the Saved Files folder on the laptop before transferring to either online storage or a USB flash drive.




Each laptop is connected to the network using our secured WiFi network IALS Lib.  Via this network, users can access a variety of online subscription databases without the need to login using their library card.

Once the laptop is started up, it should automatically connect to the WiFi network after a minute of two.  The library does have a couple of zones on the 2nd Floor where access may be limited. If you should have difficulty on these floors connecting to WiFi, please move either to the 3rd floor or L2 for a stronger signal.

Issuing a Laptop

Who Can Borrow a Laptop?
IALS laptops are freely available to,
  • All academic users of the library

    All permanent  and provisional card holders

We cannot loan out laptops to non-academic or day-pass holders.  Please ask at the Issue & Enquiry Desk for a laptop.  Staff will see if one is available.  If there are no laptops, please use one of our public PCs and check back later in the day to see if a laptop has been returned.


What You Get

Laptop Loans
Once a laptop has been issued to you, please secure to the table you are sitting at using the security cable if possible.
Each laptop is issued with a power unit, security cable and key.  The laptop also has attached a barcode number so we can issue/return the laptop.  Please do not remove this tag. We can also issue a computer mouse on request if you have any difficulties using the touch screen on the laptop or a network cable if our WiFi system is down.


How to Return a Laptop
Please return the laptop to the Enquiry Desk before the desk closes at 7.45 pm, Monday to Friday, or 5.15 pm on a Saturday and 6.15 pm on a Sunday during our extended hours from October to mid-June.

When you do return the laptop, make sure you have the power cable, security cord and key present for check in.

If you are a little late returning items during our extended hours period, and find the desk closed, please return the laptop to our security staff located in the Electronic Legal Research Unit (behind the glass doors), or to staff on the Library Admissions Desk who will keep the item safely for it to be checked in the next day by library staff.   You may incur a fine for late returns of 50p per hour or part of the hour so please try and return the laptop at the stated times in order to prevent this.

The WRONG Way to Return a Laptop

NEVER try to return a laptop using the Self-Service machine or try to place it in the yellow post box.  This may damage either the laptop or its cables.  If this happens you may be asked to pay toward the cost of repairs.