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IALS Laptops for Loan: Questions, Troubleshooting and Tips

Guide about how to loan IALS laptops

What if...?

No  internet connection?
Please reboot the laptop to re-establish connection.  If this doesn't work, please see staff at the Issue & Enquiry Desk.


Laptop shuts down suddenly?
This may be caused by a Windows update.  Please bring the laptop to I.T. staff who will update the software for you. Remember, back up your work regularly to prevent data loss. 


You need to leave laptop unattended?
Secure the laptop to the desk using the security lock supplied with the laptop.


Forgotten to return it?
Don't worry, it happens. Please give to security staff after hours or return to the Issue & Returns desk at the earliest opportunity to minimize any fines you might have incurred.

Tips ....

Tip 1

Secure laptop to a desk using the security cable.  This will prevent theft.

Tip 2

Save all work to a USB key.  Remember, any work saved to the desktop will automatically be deleted once the laptop has been rebooted.

Tip 3

Do not put the laptop into the yellow post box adjoining the Self-Service machine.    Please return to staff at Issue & Enquiry Desk or library security staff.

Tip 4

Report any problems.  The quicker we hear about them, the quicker we can solve them.

Questions and Answers

Can I take the laptop outside the library?

No. A laptop can only be used within the IALS library and cannot be taken outside for use in lecture rooms or the cafe.   IALS library floors are: 4th, 3rd and 2nd floors, and L2 our basement reading room.

When do I have to return it by?

You need to return the laptop to the Issue & Enquiry Desk before closing time.  The desk will close on 7.45 pm Monday to Friday, 5.15 pm on Saturdays and during our extended hours period, on Sundays at 6.15 pm. 

Will I be fined for the late return of the laptop?

Yes.  Fines are charge for late returns at the rate of 50p per hour or part of one hour.  If you have experienced difficulties on trying to return a laptop, please let us know as it may be possible to reduce the fine.

Is it possible to reserve a laptop?

No.  Laptops are issued on a first come first served basis.  If  required, please contact us by phone before you arrive and we will check to see if a laptop is available.

Does the laptop have Skype, iCloud or Dropbox?

No, the laptop is intended to be used for research or study purposes only although you can access your iCloud or Dropbox accounts via a web browser if needed.

I need to print.  Will it print to library printers on 4th floor and L2?

Yes. Each laptop has a remote connection to our multi-functional devices.  To print you will need to create a PaperCut account and add credit.

I need access to software you don't have installed.  Is it possible for me to install it on the laptops?

No.  For security reasons, it is not possible to download or install any custom software for students.  However, if your software is linked to an online account (eg. Zotero, Endnote, RefWorks, Dropbox) you will be able to access these accounts via the web browsers installed on the laptop.

Can I access all library online databases from the laptop?

Yes.  Our laptops are configured to use our IALS Lib WiFi network which is enabled for all IALS databases, including Westlaw and Lexis.

What happens if I lose the laptop or damage it.  Will I be charged for a replacement?

Please use the lock provided to secure the laptop.  You are solely responsible for its security and safe-keeping.  You will be liable to pay for its loss or for any damage caused whilst in your care.  The amount will depend on what the repair or replacement cost will be.

What other terms and conditions apply when I borrow an IALS laptop?

By borrowing/using the laptop, you are agreeing to the Conditions of Use, IALS Regulations and Janet Acceptable Use Policies.  Please note that IALS equipment and applications are used entirely at your own risk. The Institute accepts no responsibility for the malfunctioning of any computer equipment or software, loss of data or other damage. Your attention is drawn to IALS Regulations , which form the basis on which Library membership is granted. Regulation 14 and 15 relate to computing equipment in the Library.

I'm a day visitor, can I still borrow a laptop?

If you have a one-day temporary ticket, this will not be possible, however, provisional card holders can borrow an IALS laptop.


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