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Guide to Podcasting: Let's Get Started

General guidance on podcasting

Quick Tip


Write a short script or storyboard. This will give your podcast structure and make it look more professional.

And, don't forget to run through the content a couple of times to get your timings right.

How Do I Become A Podcaster

How do I begin?

To podcast all you need is:

  • An idea or topic to begin your series
  • A laptop to record your ideas or topic 
  • A hosting platform for the podcast

Before You Begin

1. Prepare

First things first, sort out your hardware and software. Work out what you will need to use, eg. Will you edit as well as give the demo/presentation? Are you just interested video content? Will you use just audio? Once you have decided, see what you already have access to.  For example, your university or college may already be using Microsoft Teams or Panopto.  If not, assess what you need and install the appropriate software.

2. Work out what you want to achieve

Come up with a plan and stick to it. Podcasts can include demonstrations, presentations or discussions with one or more individuals, so planning is essential. Write a short script and get the sequencing right.  This will help with timings.

3. Get Permission 

If you are planning to demo software, use images or sound recordings make sure you have permission to do so. Also if you have a guest speaker or speakers, get  their written consent before uploading your podcast.  

4. Prototype

Prototype first (even in a small way).  This will make sure that the podcast flows and that you have enough content.   A storyboard comes in quite handy especially if your podcast includes visual contents, for example a demonstration on how to use a library catalogue or legal database.

5. Find a Content Host

Where will your content live? If you are an academic or student then a the likely home will be your university website or approved 3rd party host via your university or college.