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Using the Self Issue System: About Self-Issue

Summary of Self-Issue service provided by IALS Global Law Library

A Look at Self-Issue


Close up picture of IALS Self-issue


Picture of IALS Training Room


Picture of IALS Self-issue machine 

About IALS Self-Issue

Library Self-Issue

IALS Library now offers a Self-issue service for all readers with library borrowing cards.
Please ask at the Issue & Enquiry Desk if you need help with using this service. Readers can continue to borrow and return their books at the Issue & Enquiry Desk if they prefer.

Why Self-Issue?

Self-issue provides a fast and easy way to issue or return items during library opening hours.  During library late opening periods from October to June, the Enquiries Desk closes at 19:45pm.  Our Self-issue unit means readers are able to issue and return items after this hour.

Where is it Located?

The Self-issue machine is located on the 2nd floor of the Library, close to the Enquiries Desk.  Readers can continue to borrow and return their books at the Enquiries Desk at any time.  If the Enquiries Desk is very busy, Self-issue is in easy reach for library readers.

Is it Only For Books?

No, you can return other items such as library offprints, cables or network configuration USB keys.  Once returned on the system, just drop them through the yellow letter box by the side of the machine.

If the box is full, please inform staff at the Enquiries Desk, or security staff after 20:00 pm.

Yes, you can renew items by returning then re-issuing them.  Be aware that this is only possible for main collection or short loan items that have not been requested by another reader.  Any reference works from short loan need to be returned by 19:45 pm during the week. At other times they must be returned at 17.15 pm and 18.15 pm respectively (Saturday and Sunday).

Library Hours

Self-issue is freely available during the library opening hours.

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