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Connecting to the IALS Wireless Network: Questions, Troubleshooting & Tips

A how-to guide for establishing a wireless connection to uol-open and IALS Lib networks

What if...?

Uol-open or IALS Lib has not been detected as a wireless network
If uol-open or IALS Lib is not detected, refresh wireless networks list to display or reboot your laptop.  If problem persists, inform Information Systems staff.


Family or surname is wrong on the library card  
Get the library card and record amended by asking staff at the Library Enquiry desk, or Library Admissions desk.   


Network tab is not visible in network properties (Win XP only)  
Should you need to configure wireless manually in Win XP, you will need access to Window Network properties, If not appearing, it is likely your laptop has its own wireless configuration software.  Open the wireless software and find setting that allows Windows to control wireless.  Network tab should appear.

Tips ....

Tip 1

Check your name on the library card.  If incorrect, you will not be able to log in.

Tip 2

Know your operating system!  It is amazing how many people do not know which version they have installed on their laptop. Knowing will ensure you select the correct method for connection. 

Tip 3

Make sure all software and firmware is up to date (this includes phones).  Perform regular system updates.  An out of date system may not connect to wireless. 

Tip 4

Report any problems.  The quicker we hear about them, the quicker we can solve them.

Questions and Answers

Will I need to reconnect to wireless each time I visit the IALS? 

No.  Your laptop should remember the connection so next time you come into the library, you will automatically log into the uol-open network

I have a replacement library card.  Do I need to reconnect to use WiFi?

Yes. The connection uses details on the card as your login.  If a card is lost and a replacement card issued, you will have to reconnect in order to access wireless

When I move around the library, my connection to WiFi drops out.  Why is this?

On each floor at the IALS, we have installed wireless access points.  On connection, your laptop authenticates to one of these access points.  As you move around the library, your laptop eventually falls out of range and the signal drops.  Once your laptop wireless software has picked up another point, connection is automatically re-established.   Sometimes connection can seem slow but if you wait a few minutes, your laptop should find the IALS network.

My Mac displays a message asking me to accept a certificate.  Is it safe to do so?

Yes, it is quite safe to accept the certificate.  Click on Accept and make sure you select "always trust" from the dropdown menu.  The certificate is issued by Aruba Wireless, who manufacture our wireless access points.

I've a non-UK purchased laptop. Will I still be able to connect easily?

Yes, but you may have to configure your wireless settings via the Control Panel as some device drivers are different. Please ask at the Issue & Returns desk for our library guides specifically for Windows 8 laptops.

I connected once before but now I can't seem to connect to the wireless network?

This sometimes happens after software or systems updates.  It can also occur if you have connected to another network after leaving IALS.  If it does happen, click on uol-open from the list of networks and click Connect.  If your device still doesn't connect you will have login in again using your username and password to re-establish connection.

My laptop is displaying a IP address.  Does this mean I'm connected to the WiFi network?

No.  The 169 IP is termed Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA).  This IP is assigned by your device  if it cannot find an IP on the network.  An APIPA is replaced once a valid IP address is obtained from the network.

My iPhone/iTouch/iPad will not recognise the password although it is correct.  What can I do?

Firstly check, input settings.  Sometimes it is necessary to change the keyboard settings on an Apple device.  Go to the keyboard settings on your device and turn off the Enable Caps Lock setting.  If you still cannot connect, inform staff at the Library Enquiry desk.

My university uses the Eduroam service.  Is it possible for me to connect to Eduroam from the IALS?

Yes you can.  The IALS is configured for connection to Eduroam.  However we cannot provide support for any problems that might occur with the service.  If problems do occur you will have to contact your home university IT department rather than the Institute.

For the password, if my family name is two separate words, do I have to type them in without a space between?

No, include the space and type your family name exactly as it appears on the card.  For example if your name on the library card is Mr E Byrne Jones,  to log in you would just type Byrne Jones in the wireless password box.


If you have a wireless query ....

Contact library staff in the first instance. They will guide you to relevant guides or find an IT Librarian who will give you help and advice.

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