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Connecting to the IALS Wi-Fi: How To

Guide on how to connect to Wi-Fi at IALS Library

Image of a smartphone with Wi-Fi signals

Contact Information

Contact library staff in the first instance. They will point you to relevant guides or find an IT Librarian who will give you help and advice.

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Tel: 020 7862 5790




IALS provides free wireless access to the Internet from laptops, phones and tablets.  Access to wireless is available throughout the building using the security enabled IALS Lib wireless network.  Once connected, users will have access to all online databases and e-resources without the need of a separate login.  

What Do I Need to Use IALS Lib?

To connect to the IALS Lib network, you will need a valid library card.  Provisional card holders can connect to the open network UoL Conferences. 

The connection is remembered by your laptop so next time you visit the IALS, you automatically log into the network without any further configuration needed.

Remember, if you do experience any difficulties, please always ask staff at the Enquiries desk on the 2nd floor for extra help or advice.

Connection is not limited to laptops.  If you have a mobile phone or tablet, you can still connect to IALS Lib.

How to Connect


To connect you will need:

Image of a circle with a hand holding a card within itA valid IALS Library card             Image of a circle containing a laptop, tablet and phoneA device, with the latest software updates installed


Connecting to IALS Lib Wifi


  • On your device, select IALS Lib from the list of wifi networks 
  • Enter the library barcode on your card as username 
  • Enter your family or surname as password.  Enter as printed on the card.


Image of the tick symbolRemember to tick 'Connect automatically' to enable automatic access to IALS Lib the next time you are in the library.

Image of Windows 10/11 logo Windows 10/11

  • Select  IALS Lib  wireless setting in systems tray 
  • Type in your username and password as follows: 
    • Username: this is your library barcode number 
    • Password: this is your surname or family name.  Include any hyphens or spaces as printed on the card.

For Windows 10/11 users, a warning message asking you to continue may appear.  If it does, click continue to accept the connection when first connecting onsite at IALS. 

Image of the Apple logoApple iOS

  • Select IALS Lib  from your AirPort menu or from WiFi settings on your phone/iPad 
  • Type in your username and password as follows: 
    • Username: this is your library barcode number 
    • Password: this is your surname or family name. Include any hyphens or spaces as printed on the card.
  • If you get a certificate message click Continue or Accept 
  • For iPhone, click Join to accept. 

For Apple users, you will be asked to trust the certificate the first time of joining.  AirBook users will be required to log on using their AirBook login details to complete acceptance.  For iPhone, click Join to accept. 

Image of the Android logo Android

Users with Android devices, including Chromebook and Google Pixel will need to select the following:

  • Select  IALS Lib  WiFi settings on your phone or from systems tray icon in Chromebook 
  • For Identity, type in the barcode number (you can leave anonymous identity blank) 
  • For Password, type in your surname or family name. Include any hyphens or spaces as printed on the card.

For Android devices: Login details ask for an identity and will automatically select the correct network security protocol.  For some Smartphones, you may be asked to enter a domain. If so, you should enter the following: 


Frequently Asked Questions


Image of a question mark in a circleWill I need to reconnect to wireless each time I visit the IALS?    

No. Your laptop should remember the connection so next time you come into the library you will automatically be logged into the IALS Lib network. 

Image of a question mark in a circleIs the login case sensitive? 

No, to login, you can use either upper or lower case for username or password entry.   

Image of a question mark in a circleI have a replacement library card. Do I need to reconnect to use Wi-Fi?   

Yes. The connection uses details on the card as your login. If a card is lost and a replacement card issued, you will have to re-login using the details from your new card as the barcode will be different.   

Image of a question mark in a circleWhen I move around the library, my connection to Wi-Fi drops out. Why is this?   

On each floor at the IALS, we have installed wireless access points. On connection, your laptop authenticates to one of these access points. As you move around the library, your laptop eventually falls out of range and the signal drops. Once your laptop wireless software has picked up another point, connection is automatically re-established. Sometimes connection can seem slow but if you wait a few minutes, your laptop should find IALS Lib.

Image of a question mark in a circleIs it possible for me to connect to Eduroam from the IALS?   

Yes, you can. The IALS is configured for connection to Eduroam. However, we cannot provide support for any problems that might occur with the service. If problems do occur, contact your home university IT department.

Image of a question mark in a circleMy family name is two separate words, do I have to type them without a space between? 

No, include the space and type your family name exactly as it appears on the card. For example, if your name on the library card is Mr E Byrne Jones, to log in you would just type Byrne Jones in the Wi-Fi password box.

Hints and Tips

Image of the tick symbolKnow your operating system! This ensures you select the correct method for connection.  

Image of the tick symbolMake sure all software and firmware is up to date (this includes phones). An out-of-date system may not connect to IALS Lib.  

Image of the tick symbolFamily or surname wrongly printed on the library card? Ask staff at the Enquiries desk to check details on our library system and amend.

Image of the tick symbol Reboot your device if you rely on sleep mode rather than shut down, to ensure a good connection to IALS Lib.