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Referencing and citations - OSCOLA: Other sources

Referencing and citations - OSCOLA

Where to find in OSCOLA

Examples are available in OSCOLA for: 

  • Command papers, p40.
  • Conference papers, p41.
  • Newspaper articles, p42.
  • Parliamentary Debates, p39.
  • Personal communications, p43.
  • Theses, p42.

International law - guidance

A separate guide is available for international law. It covers:


  • International treaties.
  • Regional treaties.

International cases and decisions:

  • ICJ Publications.
  • Other sources of international decisions.

Non-governmental and other international organisations:

  • UN documents.
  • Regional bodies' documents.
  • International yearbooks.
  • Hague Academy.
  • International Law Association.
  • International law digests.

Not covered by OSCOLA?

OSCOLA does not purport to be comprehensive, but gives rules and examples for the main UK legal primary sources, and for many types of secondary sources.

As far as possible, the guidelines in OSCOLA are based on common practice in UK legal citation, but with a minimum of punctuation.

When citing materials not mentioned in OSCOLA, use the general principles in OSCOLA as a guide, and try to maintain consistency.

OSCOLA has published an FAQ guide to citing types of materials not included in the latest edition. It can be accessed here:  It included guidance on citing the following:

  • A source cited in a secondary source
  • A judgment citing another judgment
  • Ebooks
  • Book reviews
  • Radio programmes
  • Speeches
  • Dictionaries
  • Podcasts, YouTube etc