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Foreign, comparative and international law collections: International

An overview of print holdings and online resources

Need more help with international law research?

See our research guides for Public International Law, the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the European Union and Private International Law.

Interactive tutorials for customary international law research, treaty research and international case research are available on Law PORT, IALS Library's e-learning platform.

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The substantial public international law collection at IALS consists of treaties, yearbooks, law reports, journals, books and other publications, in print and online. Much of the print collection is located at classmark SG, but older material may be in the basement Reserve (indicated by 'RES' or 'Depository' on the Catalogue) and popular titles are in the Short Loan Collection.

There is a private international law section on the third floor, at classmark SH. It includes books, law reports, journals and other materials. However, such is the broad scope of this subject that researchers will find relevant material throughout the library. E-books and e-journals on private international law are also available - see the Catalogue for links.


IALS Library holds numerous treaty series, print and online. They include the League of Nations, United Nations, United Kingdom, United States and Council of Europe treaty series, as well as Parry's historical Consolidated Treaty Series. We also have collections of treaties published in book form, as well as treaty indexes and related material.

Further details of our treaty holdings are given in the Public International Law research guide.

Cases and arbitral awards

The library holds a large number of international law reports, print and online. Key titles include the International Law Reports, Reports of International Arbitral Awards and the official reports of the International Court of Justice, Permanent Court of International Justice and European Court of Human Rights respectively. We also have international law case digests and casebooks. For further details, see the Public International Law research guide.

State practice

IALS Library has digests of state practice in international law, numerous yearbooks of international law and many other sources of information about state practice. For further details, see the Public International Law research guide.

Journals and books

The library has hundreds of  international law journals and yearbooks, print and online, and a very large collection of books and e-books on international law. The Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law is available both in print and online and we also have the Max Planck Encyclopedia of International Procedural Law (online) and the Encyclopedia of Private International Law (print), as well as bibliographies and other material. Full details are given on the Catalogue.

Publications of international organisations

We have reports and other documentation of international organisations where they are of legal interest (see Catalogue).

There are detailed descriptions of our holdings and e-resources for the United Nations, the Council of Europe and the European Union in the dedicated IALS research guides.


The Law Databases page includes numerous databases with substantial international law content, notably HeinOnline, Lexis®Library, Westlaw International Materials and Oxford Reports on International Law. We also have the International Law Reports and ICSID Reports on the Cambridge Core platform; and the e-book collection, Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law.

For more information, see the Databases guide.