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Info for new students: Library facilities

New to the university? Or this part of London? This guide aims to help you find your feet!

Info for new students


IALS library has a wireless network in operation throughout the building, allowing readers to connect to our network from their personal laptops. In order to do this, you will need to have your full plastic library card - you will not be able to access the wireless network with a provisional or temporary library card.

Once you have your full ticket, please follow the instructions​ 


Laptop user

Borrowing rights

You will need your full library card in order to borrow books. In most cases, you will be able to borrow 4 books from the main collection for overnight loans, renewable remotely up to 3 times. Whilst it might seem as though our borrowing rights are restrictive, it is worth noting that as the national research collection, many of our books are unique - if the book you need is out on loan, you shouldn't have to wait more than a day or so for it to be back in the library. Additionally you may borrow up to 3 items for the short loan teaching collection - these loans are usually for 3 hours, or overnight loans if borrowed later in the day (after 4.45pm Monday to Friday).

Fines will be levied on books returned late to encourage their promt return - £1 per item per day for main collection books, and 50p per hour (or part of hour) for short loan materials. All money received in fines is put towards our acquisitions fund.

Electronic resources

IALS Library has a number of databases, covering a variety of materials, jurisdictions and topics, available to assist with your legal research, all of which are available onsite to our academic members through the A-Z list of databases on our website. Depending on your status, you may also have offsite access to some resources - please check the information on the A-Z list of databases. Each database has an 'I' button next to it, which will give you further information regarding the scope and content of that resource. Our reference team are trained in the use of all of these resources and will be happy to assist new users in familiarising themselves with them. For a complete list of available resources, and for further information regarding offsite access, please see our A-Z list of databases at

Printing & Copying

You can easily create a print/copy account on your new IALS library card, which will enable you to load money for printing and copying, and to log into the machines, by following the instructions in our printing guide. Printing and copying are 5p per page, and scanning is 4p. there are further charges for colour and outsized copying, please refer to the printing guide for further details. You can add credit to your account online or at the library desk. Further guidance on using the copying and scanning facilities is available in the photocopier rooms on the 3rd floor.

Printing is networked from all IALS PCs - for more information, please see the 'print, copy scan' guide.

Students wishing to print directly from their own lap tops will need to download some software - please see further information here.