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Finding Journals: Using the Library Catalogue to Find Journals

A guide to finding journals and journal articles at IALS

Photo of a student browsing the shelves at IALS Library

Search the catalogue here!

Try searching for a journal on the catalogue now.  Search by the first few words in the title, or by keywords, which are any significant words in the title.

Searching for journals on the Library catalogue

IALS Library has many hundreds of law journals.  They come from many different jurisdictions around the world.  They also cover a great diversity of subject matter.  The journals in IALS are academic and research journals.  In general, the Library does not collect law journals aimed at practising lawyers.

Law journals are often known as law reviews or periodicals.  Librarians often call them serials.  They come from different academic and scholarly sources: law schools and universities, learned societies, professional organisations, government and law reform agencies, international organisations, and others.

No doubt your lecturers have included many journal articles on reading lists.  As you look through your reading lists, your first question could be:

How do I know if IALS Library has this journal?

The best place to find the answer to this question is the Library catalogue.  The catalogue will tell you:

  • if the journal is in stock at IALS
  • if we have a print version, or an electronic version, or both
  • which years and volumes we have, and how far back our holdings go

Important point: the catalogue tells you if we have a particular journal, but not an individual article in that journal.  It is not possible to search for the titles of individual articles in the catalogue.

Now, take a close look now at the catalogue records for the following 3 journals, below.  See if you can:

  • discover if we have the journal in print
  • note the location and classmark of the journal, i.e where to find it on the shelf
  • discover if we have the electronic version
  • link to the e-version at IALS or on your PC at home

Modern law review

Revue canadienne de droit familial

Georgetown journal of international law