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Keeping up-to-date with the law: Books

Tips for keeping up-to-date with the law in your research area

Keeping up to date with the law

Introduction: Books

If you want to keep track of new books in your field there are a number of options. You can set up alerts with legal publishers, legal bookshops or libraries. This part of the guide gives you a few suggestions for setting up alerts for new books.

University Libraries and Departments

Most libraries will publish a list of recent acquisitions on their website. For example IALS Library compiles a regular list of new acquisitions. Some libraries will send this information to you in a newsletter or RSS feed, so do ask your library what options are available. Do bear in mind of course that a "recent acquisition" in a library does not always mean recently published!

Legal publishers

Publishers advertise new books and new editions in many ways. Some will send you out a printed catalogue, others may require you to sign up for an email or RSS alert. Other publishers may tweet about new books.

For example, the publisher OUP offers RSS feeds for many legal subject areas.

Legal Bookshops

Your local law bookshop may advertise new books on its website or by other means. An example of a well known legal bookshop in London is Wildy & Sons Ltd. The Wildy & Sons website allows you to browse by subject for new and forthcoming titles. The website also helpfully includes a list of legal subject areas, all with their own RSS feeds: