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Databases: Home

An introduction to IALS Library's electronic resources.

Databases heading

Databases guide: introduction

IALS Library has a large suite of subscription databases, covering many different jurisdictions. Their contents include journal articles, legislation, case law, books, treaties, journal indexes and more.

This guide offers an overview and says how to choose which databases to use. It also explains how members of the library can access them.

Accessing the databases

Access to databases is via the Electronic Law Library (ELL). 

On-site access
Students and academics can access any of the databases while in the library. Practitioners and other non-academic readers are only authorised to access those marked "IALS Library non-academic members (access onsite only)" or "Open Access for All" in the ELL; this is because of database licence restrictions. 

Select the IALS-Lib wireless network to access databases from your own device, or use one of the library's computers.

Off-site access
To see who has off-site access to which databases, click here.  

IALS staff, IALS fellows and IALS students have off-site access to almost all the databases.

Non-IALS academics and many non-IALS students have off-site access to selected databases; however, master's students with a 7-day ticket do not have offsite access to databases.

Practitioners and other non-academic readers have no off-site access.