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Training at IALS Library: PhD students

An introduction to research skills training offered by the IALS Library


PhD students and other postgraduate researchers are welcome to attend any of the training mentioned in this guide. We welcome PhD students and researchers from any university in the UK and overseas, not just those attached to the University of London. In addition to the training listed elsewhere in this guide, we offer training specifically for PhD students.

Road shows

Library road shows are held each Spring at law schools across the UK. They are for PhD, MPhil and other research students, law librarians and teaching staff. At each road show we highlight the national role of the IALS Library, outline the world class collections of the library and demonstrate the legal databases that researchers can access remotely without ever needing to set foot in London. We also provide demonstrations of the free online legal research tools that IALS has developed for the legal research community across the country, all of which are freely available on the IALS website.

2018/19 programme

In 2019 we visited:

Durham University

Bangor University

Swansea University

Leeds University

York University

2019/20 programme

So far this academic year we have visited Sussex and Portsmouth.

If you would like us to visit your law school please contact us.


Academics from University of Plymouth at road show

Hester Swift presenting at Newcastle University road show


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How to Get a PhD in Law

IALS offers a popular programme of National Training Days to assist MPhil and PhD students in law registered at universities across the UK. This programme provides the chance for informative discussion, legal research guidance and opportunities for networking. MPhil and PhD law students from across the UK are warmly invited to attend these specially tailored days of presentations and networking opportunities.

Day One: The PhD in Law and Research Methods
Saturday 30th November 2019


Day Two: The PhD journey: Supervision, research ethics and preparing yourself for upgrade and vivas
Wednesday 11th March 2020


Day Three: Researching, disseminating and publishing in the digital world
Friday 22nd  May 2020


Further details are available at

PhD Day 2014


Socio-Legal Research Methods

A series of socio-legal research training days is organised collaboratively by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (IALS), the Socio-Legal Studies Association and the British Library. The one-day events offer insights and shared experience in research methods and sources relevant to particular socio-legal topics, with presentation materials, discussion on best practice and networking opportunities at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies.

Legal Research Methods

IALS offers a popular Introduction to Legal Research Methods to assist MPhil and PhD students in law registered at universities across the UK. This course provides the chance to explore a range of research methodologies that may be relevant to MPhil or PhD research in law and legally related fields. The next course will take place in January 2020.